Monday, July 9, 2012

Wedding Stress

I had a headache for the entire weekend....I couldn't figure out why this was happening or why it would not go away.  It started on Friday night when I got home from work.  I figured it could be from Aunt Flo coming to town but as the weekend wore on I figured it all out.

I honestly can't even remember what I did on Friday night (how sad is that?!) but I know it was nothing exciting.  It was hot and Andrew was tired from work.  Saturday morning we had our second pre-marital counseling session at church.  We went through a questionnaire, talked about what makes a marriage successful and our plans for the actual wedding day.  Prior to leaving for the church, my mom called me and a fight ensued about my bridal shower and how no one had gotten invitations yet.  Let me preface this by saying that my maid of honor works third shift at a hospital and had mailed them on the holiday last week, plus tons of people in Ohio were without power for days, including her, and there was a lot going on.  We got in a huge fight and I got hysterical, the stress really started to get to me.  The headache then got even worse. 

That evening, we had dinner with our families at Andrews parents house.  It went really well, we discussed wedding plans and left early since my dad had to work on Sunday.  When we got home, my head was throbbing.  I went to bed early and took an Advil PM for good measure.

Sunday, I woke up and could hardly hold up my head at all.  No sooner did my mom call, asking to meet me at Joann's later that afternoon to get the final fabric for my junior bridesmaid, flowers and ribbon for my grandma to make the crowns for the flower girls and to look at some other things we would need soon.  I agreed to meet her and thank God Andrew came along too.  We did argue a little and I kept telling her how I did not need more stress.  This should be a HAPPY TIME not a time for me to have a constant headache, heartburn at night and waking up from wedding nightmares constantly.

Hopefully this week I can get a lot accomplished for the wedding and show her how hard I've been working to get things done.  The shower is in just two weeks and I am PRAYING that things will calm down after that just a tiny bit!

My motto for this week: worrying will NOT change the outcome!

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Unknown said...

Oh man! I hope your headache is gone and everything gets better! My thoughts and prayers are with you, I know that you stress a lot and planning a wedding is hard! Don't worry, you'll get everything done and it will be amazing. It could be worse, you could be Mormon and planning the whole thing in less than three months! Ha ha.