Thursday, November 15, 2012

That time I got a cat and went nuts on instagram

I decided to look through my Twitter photos last night (do you follow me?! shameless plug apostle922) and noticed I appear to have turned into a crazy cat lady.  I have been wanting a cat for three years and finally talked Andrew into letting me get one for my birthday.  Once the wedding planning got into full swing, right after my birthday in May, getting a cat fell off the radar.  Then after going to four shelters we found Bradley. I discovered Instagram right before getting Bradley so here's how the obsession started.

In Andrews chair, his favorite spot :)

Yes I knit, no I'm not old!

The night we brought him home, after he hid under the couch
for about five hours.
Please don't judge me, I know I'm a crazy cat lady and I do still love my dog just as much.  I need to be more equal opportunity with my Instagram photos.

I guess this is better than pictures of my dinner, Starbucks cup (please read about that here, love this blog) or a selfie.

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Aleta said...

You're not a crazy cat lady. You're a lady who has a lot of love to share and the cat is a very fortunate pet to have you as an owner :)