Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week 31 Bumpdate

Here we are at 31 weeks which means I have about 9 weeks left, I don't even feel like that is possible!  My shower on Saturday was awesome and we got so many great gifts.  I spent most of the day on Sunday washing and folding tiny baby clothes, organizing the nursery and making a run to Target to return and purchase the items that we didn't receive.  There are still a few more items that we need to get, but I was burned out and not in the mood for a trip to babies-r-us on Sunday, maybe next weekend. 

  • How far along? 31 weeks and 2 days 
  • How big is baby?  According to my Baby Bump app, the baby is as big as 4 navel oranges, so about 16.25" long and weighing in at 3.3lbs! 
  • Weight gain? 17 lbs as of November 13th and I'm pretty happy.  If I continue to gain a pound a week till the end I will end up gaining less than 30lbs which is wonderful!!!!! 
  • Stretch Marks? I am learning to accept that the stretch marks have appeared and they are here to stay, I'm just glad they are only about 1 inch long and some shorter than that.  I'm still coating my belly in cocoa butter two times a day. 
  • Sleep:  I've been sleeping really well for the last 4 days and I'm super happy about it.  I still have to get up about once a night to go to the bathroom but I'm usually able to fall right back asleep.  I am normally very restless at night and move around a lot but lately I stay in the same position most of the night.
  • Cravings:  Ice cream (yet again), cheese (also, nothing new), french fries, apples, ice cold water or Pepsi and plain foods.  I haven't been much in the mood for anything spicy.
  • Food Aversions: Pork chops, I haven't eaten any the entire time I've been pregnant and the thought of them makes me feel ill.
  • What do I miss: My normal body, having a glass of wine on the weekend, being able to easily get comfortable and stay comfortable.
  • Movement: The baby is active as always and seems to be more active during the day now.  She enjoys kicking me in the bladder during meetings at work so I have to get up and run to the bathroom.  I swear sometimes I can tell where her head is because of the way that she puts pressure on my stomach and the way it bulges out.  
  • Doctor Appointments: My next appointment is November 26th for a tummy check and hospital pre-registration!
  • Labor Signs:  None yet and that is fine with me!
  • Symptoms:  Shortness of breath, headaches, frequent trips to the bathroom, the snizzle (you know, sneezing/coughing and having a little leakage haha), feeling full quickly, hip pain and the occasional burst of heartburn.  
  • Wedding Rings:  Still on  
  • Belly Button: Still an innie, I'm curious if that will change.  
  • Gender: Team Pink!
  • Anything else?  Things are starting to feel a lot more real as I continue to work on the nursery for our baby girl.  For those who want to know, we have picked out 5 names but we are waiting until she is born to decide which one we think suits her best.  Three of the names are family names and the other two are just ones that we like, I love old names so don't expect something typical from me!  As I've been working on the nursery each night, I'm really starting to feel like I am connecting to the baby and feel like she's a person now and not an alien in my body (I hope that doesn't sound awful for me to say).  I still have to gather up some items from my mom and dad's house tonight that are still there from my first baby shower.  Now I finally have a place to put them!  For now the stroller, car seat and pack n play are still boxed up in the basement.  Hopefully we can figure out where to store them soon.  Maybe in our living room closet since it's pretty deep, I just need to get it cleaned out! 
A little comparison for you, here is my bump at 19 weeks (I'm wearing almost the same outfit today):
And now at 31 weeks:


Lindsay said...

Wow! Only about 9 weeks left...that seems so short!! I had to laugh out loud at what a "snizzle" is! Ha Ha Preggo problems!

That is so nice that you got lots of great things from your shower! Are you feeling pretty well all ready for baby girls entrance? Can't wait till I have little baby clothes to fold and sort through!


Erin said...

You are getting so close! And you look great!