Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend Wrap Up

Jeanette's first Easter was this weekend and we had two days full of family, good food, love and celebrations!  On Saturday, we spent the afternoon with Andrew's family and had a great time enjoy good food and everyone's company.  We also got some pictures of Jeanette with her cousins since the weather was beautiful in central Ohio.

I swear, Jeanette is the best baby ever!  She was so cooperative for the photos and hardly fussed until the very end when she was starting to get hungry.  The 4 year old and 2 year old that were involved however were not as cooperative, but that can be expected! 

On Sunday, we went to mass at noon and once again Jeanette was so well behaved.  She slept right through church and we even caught her snoring during communion.  When we got home, she was on the border line of a meltdown since it was lunch time so Andrew fed her while I made a few pies to take to my parents house for dinner.  We had another lovely dinner with my family and visited with everyone, enjoying another beautiful Ohio spring day! 

I felt my heart filled with love all weekend and realized that even if being parents wasn't really in our plan, I wouldn't change things for the world!  Maybe people are right that life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.  Being a mom is wonderful, being a family with my husband is even more amazing.

I can hardly wait for more holidays with my sweet baby girl!

Mommy and Jeanette before church on Sunday.

The loves of my life.  They make my heart hurt.
Before dinner at my mom and dads

At our dinner with Andrew's family


Carol said...

OH MY much cuteness!!!! I am getting baby fever looking at your pictures! Enjoy her, it goes by so fast. Glad to hear she is such a good baby!



Laura said...

Her Easter dress with headband is SO CUTE!