Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Will it stick this time?

I was lucky that I didn't gain much weight when I was pregnant, only around 30lbs.  I can't really say it was anything I did, I ate my weight in ice cream and sour cream & onion pringles and I didn't work out much other than taking walks.  I honestly think I just got lucky, but in exchange I've still been left with the typical after pregnancy body.  I want to blame the c-section for the strange pouch that I have been left with, but I know that my body is not the same now after being pregnant.

It's been three months now, and it's time to get my butt into gear.  I will admit, I am terrible at dieting and terrible at working out.  I have a hard time getting a routine to stick no matter how hard I try.  Andrew is under doctors orders to start working out to lower his weight which will in exchange lower his cholesterol and blood pressure.  And even though I can fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, they don't exactly fit the same way and there are some clothes that no longer fit at all.  I don't want to end up going up a pants size, I would much rather go down so here it begins again.

I'm trying not to get too caught up in telling everyone I'm on a diet and working out, for some reason that seems to cause me to sabotage myself.  I have to start out slow thanks to the c-section but I know that with each workout I will get stronger and I have to take it easy on myself.

This time I have a goal I've never had before, I need to be healthy for my daughter.  I want to be able to easily get up off the floor after we play, take her on long walks in the stroller, more easily lift the car seat and set an example for her when it comes to healthy eating and a good lifestyle.     

So what have I done so far?
  • I'm only eating out once a week at work, this should be a pretty easy goal since I work from home one day a week and I've been cooking again so I can take leftovers.
  • I am working out 3 times a week, nothing too crazy because I have to take it easy on my body.
  • I threw out all the sweets in the house, less temptation.
  • We haven't been eating out much at all because of Jeanette's schedule and lack of money.
  • I've been cooking more so that we aren't eating frozen, processed meals as much. 
  •  Instead of snacking at night I maybe have a yogurt and drink some extra water.
Where would I like to be?
  • I want to be able to do the eliptical two times a week and my Power 90 workout two times a week.
  • I will let myself have one cheat day or I will not be able to stick with this.
  • I will continue packing my lunch for work.
  • I will drop to pants sizes and get down to a size 10 again, an 8 would be amazing but I don't know if my hips will go down that much.
  • I will strive to set an example of a healthy body image for my daughter.  
How do you stay motivated when it comes to working out?  What did you do to drop the baby weight?

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Carol said...

I am finally almost at my pre-pregnancy weight and Kennedy is 17 months old. It's hard! I think my issue is that I love to eat and dieting is just not my thing. I work out 4-5 times a week. Definately mix up your workouts so you won't get bored easily. I do the eliptical and weight machines twice a week at the gym, walk with Kennedy twice and do a zumba class once a week. I feel like even when I lose that final 5 poounds, I will still never look/feel like I did before I was pregnant but Kennedy is worth it. :) Good luck!