Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was another busy summer weekend in our house.  It was hot, sticky and rainy around here this weekend as well and the continued construction on our road is really starting to get hold fast (i.e. living on a mud road sucks).

Friday I had a doctor appointment for my allergies and left work early.  My mom watches Jeanette on Fridays so I picked her up afterwards and headed home to wait for Andrew to get off work.  Once he was home, we headed to the American Legion for the end of the month steak dinner.  We met my mom, dad, grandma and cousin down there for dinner and it was great!  You really can't be $25 for a steak dinner for two that comes with salad, a baked potato, garlic bread and dessert.

Saturday morning we headed up to Andrew's brother and sister-in-laws house on the north side of Columbus to celebrate our niece turning 5!  I cannot believe that she will be starting kindergarten in August!  We helped decorate and prep the food, visited with everyone and had a great time watching the kids play.  Just when we were ready to take Jeanette for her first dip in the pool, a summer storm cut loose and we were all running back inside.  It rained on and off for the rest of the party.  We got home late Saturday night and just hung out together.

Sunday was a long day.  Andrew works on Sunday's now so I get my "alone day" with Andrew, but I had to run all of my weekend errands alone since we didn't get them done on Saturday.  Jeanette and I headed to Target since they had baby pajamas on sale and Jeanette is outgrowing hers like crazy!  She may still be wearing some 3 month clothes but her 6 month pajamas are too short.  I picked up a few other outfits for her as well and we headed to Meijer to do our grocery shopping.  Putting Jeanette in the baby bjorn makes shopping along so much easier.  I know I could set her in the cart in the car seat, but then there is no room for the groceries.  When we got home, she played in the crib while I unloaded and then the crabby hour began.  Last Sunday Jeanette also had a bad day and was so crabby and yesterday was no different.  I'm not sure if it's teeth, bad sleep or what the issue is but bottom line, I didn't get much done.

I also didn't workout all weekend, which I am now regretting but I hope to workout everyday this week and maybe even this weekend as well.  I did resist cake at the birthday party and I've even cut down my alcohol consumption.  We only drink on the weekends but I maybe had two glasses of wine and for that I am happy!  I'm still a work in progress and I hope to make some improvements this week!

What did you do this weekend? 


Carol said...

Aww I hate that it rained before y'all could take Jeanette into the pool! Maybe on the 4th? Good job resisting cake. Sweets are my weakness!

Carol said...

Aww I hate that it rained before y'all could take Jeanette into the pool! Maybe on the 4th? Good job resisting cake! Sweets are my weakness!