Thursday, October 2, 2014

Things I've learned about myself

I've been seeing some posts around the blogiverse about what we have recently learned about ourselves.  I know that I have changed a lot since starting this blog and I have learned even more about myself since becoming a mother.  There are some things that are harder to accept and some that I just feel the need to let out because they are a part of me.
  • I cannot deal with alternative music.  I'm a simple girl, some classic rock or some country and I'm all set.  If it involves weird instruments and is played on the alternative station count me out.
  • I have anxiety.  I have personally know this for a long time, but after really being diagnosed I am learning to deal.  I am on a light anti-anxiety medication and for the first time in three years I feel like myself!  
  • I am only good at driving when I am in the car alone.  
  • I hate mushrooms and do not think I will ever like them, the texture is enough to make me gag.
  • There is nothing I hate more than people who don't have a work ethic.  They show up late and unprepared for work, screw around all day and somehow seem to skate by for years doing the bare minimum.  They complain when they have to do work that isn't "glamorous" like setting up a meeting or cleaning up trash after a conference, they call in "sick" and are constantly unavailable.  
  • On that same note, I feel like I have a pretty amazing work ethic.  I love my job, I hate being late, I'm always prepared (almost to a fault at times it seems) and I love to go above and beyond.  Call me a brown-noser but this is just how I was raised.  
  • I think that being with a man who works with his hands is so sexy.  I love when Andrew smells like grease and his hands are dirty.  
  • I love coffee and though I have tried to kick the habit I can't!  It's not so much that I need the caffeine (although some days I do), I just love the taste and having something warm in the morning.  
  • Becoming a mom is nothing like I ever could have imagined.  I look at Jeanette in wonder each day that Andrew and I created such an amazing little girl.
  • I'm still pretty much in the "one and done" club.  I know that could change but so far life as a family of three (plus two fur children) is pretty amazing.
  • As hard as it is to be a working mom, I really enjoy both.  I can see the benefits of staying at home but for our family and for me it doesn't make sense.  I think in an ideal world I would love to work part time, but with the career path I've chosen that's just not possible right now.  I will keep myself open to other opportunities however and who knows where the future might take me and our family.
So what have you learned about yourself recently?  Anything similar to mine?
Also, I'm super excited for some upcoming events but since some of them are top secret I won't be blogging about them for a few weeks!  My in-laws are turning 70 tomorrow (yes, they have the same birthday) and my hubby will be 32 on Sunday!  We are also planning to go to the pumpkin patch for the first time with Jeanette on Saturday, I know it's going to be chilly but I hope it doesn't rain! 

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