Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We were a lot of things, but we weren't crazy

So this weekend was pretty good. My Aunt was here from Toledo, it was good to see her since it had been a year. She brought me some clothes for my new job, but most of them were too big, which is good bc eventhough I have been lax about working out I have not gained back much weight! Sunday we had a nice family dinner then I went to see Andrew for a bit. We went fishing at a new spot, Prairie Oaks ponds. Apparently it was an old quarry that was donated to the parks department. We caught a lot of little bluegills and lost most of our bait bc the fish were too small to really stay on the hook....little buttheads!

Monday I spent the day in Zanesville with my parents, which was nice. They are both on vacation this week. We went to Gabriel Bro's (my fave store) and I got some clothes for my new job! Ann Taylor loft jeans for $14 which is a steal, some cute tops, a new bra and some shoes for $1, amazing deals! We went to a few antique stores afterwards and then headed back to Columbus.

Andrew has his drug test and physical today for Frito Lay, so hopefully that goes well! I am looking forward to both of us starting new chapters in our lives, new jobs and a possible move soon! Its a really exciting time. I am anxious to go back to school in the fall, next week I go and schedule my classes and get everything in order bc my advisor is on vacation right now. Although I am sad that I am not done yet, its really okay with me and I am just glad to have the opportunity to go to college in the first place. Not everyone gets done in time and most that don't never go back, I know I am not the only one who has had some bumps in the road so its fine with me. I have plenty of loving friends and family who support me and an amazing boyfriend who has always believed in me, no matter what! I am so grateful for him each and every day!!!

Well I think thats all for now, this is my last week at my old job! I start at US Cargo on Monday August 4th!!!!

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Caitlyn said...

Yeah, since none of the schools in OH offer the degree Will wants we won't be able to move there like I wanted, but hopefully I can find a job somewhere within a few hours!
I hate bluegill! They just nibble away at your bait and they aren't worth cleaning because they're too small to eat! I'm happy things are going well with Andrew still and that you're awesome at keeping weight off. I need to lose 35 pounds to be back where I was when I got married, so that's my goal before I get preggers again. Which should give me a loooong time.