Monday, August 18, 2008

The weekend

Let me tell you, I've never been so thankful for weekends than I have been for them lately!!! Friday I didn't do much, just went to tell Jessica goodbye before she moved to Youngstown for school. I am excited for her to be back in college and doing what she wants finally!! But I will miss her sooo very much while she is there for 2 years!

Saturday I worked at 3 Belles in the morning and then met Andrew at work afterwards, it was his last day at Hogan. He was so ready to go when I got there....I rode with him over to his parents house and then we hung out with Erica and David the rest of the day, along with other people in his family. I am so excited for them to move back to Ohio and be closer, I am really liking getting to know them and having a close relationship with Andrew's family. To me thats something really important in a relationship and I hope it can continue to grow.

Sunday Andrew and I were up pretty early, watched TV in the morning and then decided to go up to the Short North and walk around. We tried to go to a motorcycle store and the junkyard but both were closed. We found a scooter dealership, I honestly want one sooooo bad but I cannot afford something like that right now. We went to North Market after that and walked around, I got this amazing cheddar popcorn there, man was it good! We went to Roosters for lunch and then I had to head home to clean (woopie do). My mom was in her usuall mood on weekends because no one helped her clean. She makes me crazy sometimes!!!

Other than that, didn't really do too much, but it was nice to spend time with Andrew. Its great that we have the same days off now. Today is his first day at his new job and I am hoping that it goes well!!

Well all for now, I have some pics of us shooting this weekend, but havn't uploaded them onto my comptuer at home!

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