Friday, September 5, 2008

Haiku Friday!

So I am going to attempt this again in the hopes that its better than last week!

Andrew has been gone
But he will come home today
Weekend go slow please

I hope when he moves
It is what he really wants
Home is his heart now

I know its shorter but I can't think of anything else that's been going on worth writing about! And yes I finally get to see Andrew either tonight or tomorrow.....I am actually excited for him to move back home. When they move into the new house in 2 weeks he gets the whole upstairs!!! Private entrance and all so that should be nice!


Storytellin' Mama said...

Hope you have a nice weekend together!!

maggie said...

I've been living apart from my sweetie since February, and being together after being apart really is extra special. Hope the weekend just drags along real slow like for you. ;)

Amanda said...

Yeah its only been a week for me, but it still sucks because we hang out constantly! I do hope the weekend just drags on and that this day at work goes faster!!!


Patsy said...

Enjoy the weekend.

Mariposa said...

Have lots of fun!!! ;)

Mel said...

Awesome job! (Looks like you've even got some new readers!) I think that button is a little broken though -- for some reason it always has the link for Christina's first haiku on her blog. Just change it to the current week each time; this week's was .

Anyway, I thought you did really good this week! (And sometimes I like the shorter ones better than the long ones.)

Amanda said...

Thank you thank you :)

Yeah I did notice the button was messed up even though I got it from the current week!

Its totally fun having new readers too and reading other haiku's while bored at work on Friday!