Friday, November 14, 2008

Haiku Friday

Haiku Friday

Fall is fading now
Into winter, dark, cold days
Year went by so fast

The ups and the downs
I've had them all, hard to grasp
Just like the cold nights

My heart still confused
Missing thoughts of forever
Another Christmas

I will be alone
Hard to swallow that big pill
Easier each day.

Sorry for the depressing Haiku this week everyone, but it was just some things that are on my mind. I leave today at noon for my trip with my boss. I am anxious but excited as well. A lot has been going on this week. Next week is my last week of school before finals and then its 6 weeks of break before winter quarter, which starts January 5th. I'm taking a class on Thursday night and one on Saturday morning.....should be interesting!

Don't have much else to talk about, but I'll write after the weekend! Hope you all have a good one!


Lisa said...

Not depressing...just life ;) The only thing that depressed me was realizing that Christmas is 6 weeks away *faints*

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Don't apologize for what's in your's a great haiku!

Cathy said...

Great haiku! The year does go by so, so fast!

maggie said...

I hope it will all be easier than you expect and that you will come through the other side stronger.

Mel said...

Every haiku can't be happy, that's life. What is happy, is that I just bought the invitations for Adam's birthday party today, so look for yours & family's in the mail! :)

Amanda said...

To everyone: Thank you and you're all right that is life sometimes. Things are starting to get a little easier it just takes time I suppose.

Mel: I am so excited for the party, I'll be watching for the invite for sure!!