Thursday, April 9, 2009

Introducing......THE HOUSE!!!!!

Obviously, this is the front of the house. Where the window is on the bottom left is the room in the worst shape (besides the basement) due to the water damage. But the windows and roof thankfully are new!

This was of course a major selling point for Andrew the mechanic. Enough room for his project volvo, tools, motorcycle and boat!

This is the living room which is when you first walk in the front door, I love that window!

My most hated room is the kitchen, it looks like an apartment and has this very country apple wallpaper, which I started to tear off last night....and 2 layers later, the photo below is what I found. Really shows the age of the house!

Owls and cattails??? Uhhh okay 1970, you were an ugly time! Oh and beneath this is neon yellow paint!

The deck, it needs a good cleaning and some stain, but nothing we can't fix!

The baywindow after I cleaned it up last night. I want to make a cushion for it once we get paint colors picked out and maybe make a nice window treatment. My skills from Joanns will for sure come in handy at the new place.

I wanted to wait till I had my camera with me (these were taken from my new cell phone which actually takes really good photos), to get more pics of the bad parts of the house. We'll be working on it most of the weekend, except Sunday since that's Easter!

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