Sunday, April 12, 2009

A weekend of hard work.....

We gutted a good deal of the house this weekend, man I'm still feeling horribly sore. I know this might sound "lazy" but I don't normally do work like that, bending, lifting and busting apart floors with a screwdriver and hammer....but anyways, here is what we did! (Sorry for those who are bored with this house stuff already!)

I never took a picture of the "before" of the basement bc I couldn't get the lights working down there, but here it is after. The other owners had tried to finish it, but as you know it flooded and all that had to be torn out. There is still some water down there but the dehumidifier is drying the place out. It honestly looks a lot better now.

This will eventually be the office area or as Andrew calls it the "internet lounge." It had a wood floor that was all messed up from being flooded so I tore that all up since I couldn't help to much in the basement (it was making me sneeze a lot even with a respirator on). It only took about an hour to get it all up and out of there. I'm not sure what we'll do with the floor since this is a converted garage, we might do ceramic tiles or just paint it with that glossy garage floor paint and get a large area rug, but we'll see!

This week I'm going to try to finish stripping the kitchen wallpaper and maybe rent a Rug Doctor and do the upstairs carpets. Andrew is going to get the plumbing fixed and fix the run off for the gutters out in the yard, then the gutters that are messed up and finally we can start cleaning the bathrooms and get and estimate on the furnace and hot water heater.


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Caitlyn said...

Wow it sounds like you guys have been doing a ton! Let me know if you need any more help, I could use the work out. Also I love the term "internet lounge." I think people should start using that instead of "office." It sounds so much more relaxing.