Monday, July 20, 2009

I have no creative title

So the weekend was good and productive! Friday night Andrew had to work late so I layed around the house (after cleaning up the kitchen, which I now despise), watched a movie and even napped! He got home around 8:30pm (normally he is home at 6:15ish) and we ordered pizza and made margaritas!

Saturday morning we went to Goodwill in Pataskala with my mom, grandma, and my parents neighbor. I got some shirts and a pair of pants that sadly are too short but seemed okay in the store. We headed off to some garage sales after that and got a gas stove for.....$25.....yes you're reading that right! We have to have a gas appliance to have the gas line installed (which will mostly be for the new furnace) and the Energy Co-op could come out any day now to hook the line to the pipe in front of the house....I also got some dishes and more kitchen utensils that I didn't have. After that it was Lowes and Meijer and a night just being lazy at home. It rained on and off all day long and was really cold so we didn't do too much at the house. I did finally get my new light hung in the kitchen and scrubbed the floors downstairs while Andrew cleaned the garage.

Sunday we decided to go to Pataskala United Methodist church and found ourselves to be the odd men out in a congregation of about 20 people (mostly much older than us). The sermon was good and the pastor seemed really nice, everyone welcomed us and gave us more information about the church afterward. I know that people who know me well are aware that I was born and raised Catholic....but I am just testing the waters so to speak because I'd like to start attending a church with Andrew on a regular basis. We are still going to try out a few other churches around and find one that we like. We both know we are not into the "mega church" scene and that we want a more traditional service (I'm not all about the electric guitars and drums during mass/service, to me that's just a bit much). We headed out to see Andrew's family after church and spent the rest of the day with them.

I am anxious to get the house finished here soon and finally have people other than family over!!!

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Unknown said...

Try my church! Woo hoo! Ha ha. But hey, if you're in the market... ;)