Monday, November 9, 2009

What I am (or am not) as a blogger

I don't think many people read my blog and that's fine I suppose. I'm not really fulfilling a niche with the things I write about.

I'm not a mom, but I sure read lots of mom blogs.
I'm not testing fancy products.
I don't do amazing photography.
I cook good things, but rarely post it on here.
I don't travel the world or live in some exotic place.

I'm just Amanda a 24 year old from Central Ohio who works and lives with her boyfriend. We have a basset hound (who I pretty much treat like a person or a child) and we're not rich or entertaining in any way, shape or form.

I mostly write about my life and what I'm up to; sometimes I post a few pictures, sometimes I do some sort of myspace survey. I used to participate in things like Haiku Friday, but alas they no longer exist. I really think that my goal here is to find readers like me or who have something in common with me! I'm not married (yet) and I don't have a baby but I think there are many bloggers in this same position.....

I love reading my friends blogs and encourage them to read too and give me there ideas. I really want to find readers (as well as blogs that I can read) about men and women who are in a similar life situation as me.....but I have no idea where to start. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

And in other news......the weekend was not all that thrilling, Saturday we ran errands and had a nice family dinner with Andrew's parents and siblings. Sunday we did things separately, Andrew went off to discover the treasures of the junkyard and I went to see my parents and grandparents. My grandma gave me some more glassware and some things to decorate the house with....every time I take a few boxes to goodwill I come home from her house with 3 more. I love her though and I'm glad that she is sharing her love of antiques with me!

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Amanda said...

There are readers just like you! I have no kids, I am not married, and I'm certainly not rich! To top it off, my real name is 'Amanda'. I'm glad I found you! Just keep doing what you're doing because ,to me, all lives are interesting!