Monday, February 8, 2010

Winter 2010 - White Death Returns

My day off on Friday was slightly ruined by a lovely snow storm that barred down on Ohio starting around 11am. I was 30 minutes away from home at (you guessed it) an auction and I ended up leaving early in fear of the roads getting bad. Yeah, lets just say that I am glad that I left when I did....this is what it looked like Saturday morning. The snowflakes were the size of small dinner plates I swear and it was a heavy, wet snow.

And just to give you a better idea of what the 12 inches we got looks like, compare to the shovel.

We've had some snow this winter but this was nothing like the last few times, it came down hard and fast with the biggest snow flakes I have ever seen. It stuck to all of the trees and weighed them down. Our power was out for an hour today but came right back on thankfully since its going to be 8 degrees tonight. Sure we have the generator but I don't know how to use it and Andrew is for sure going to have a long day at work thanks to the cold and the snow.
Needless to say this was all a mess to clean up but we still ventured out on Saturday so that I could go get my shiny new laptop! Yes I finally got a new computer after 5 years of suffering with my crummy desktop and I'm pretty pleased with my purchase. Its a little more than I wanted to spend but I got a good tax return and I wanted to treat myself. I never have the money to spend on something nice for myself.

Nothing else super exciting went on this weekend, just got my computer, went out to dinner and had a family dinner with mine and Andrew's families at my parents house!


Unknown said...

Yeah, I was working on Friday and I was SO MAD they didn't call a snow day for the schools when they KNEW this was coming. There wasn't anything on the ground when we started, but it began snowing at 10:30 AM or so and by 11:15 you could hardly see the parking lot. Oh, well, at least I got paid, ha ha!

Amanda said...

Yeah, I had taken the day off work like 3 weeks ago planning to go to this furniture auction. I only got to stay for 2 hours so it was kind of a waste, but I was better off driving home at noon then at 4:30 like I would on a normal work day. But I agree money is always good!

Amanda said...

Oooh! I love the changes on your blog. Enjoy the White Death! Stay warm.

Amanda said...

Thanks :) now that I can mess around on my laptop all the time I figured it was time to change the background. I might make some other changes later.

Anonymous said...

pictures like that are the reason i love living in california! :-p