Monday, May 3, 2010

Back into my groove

So after a few days away from my blog I feel a lot better! This weekend was a little stressful but fun at the same time. Friday I worked a 12 hour day (its big project time at work) and I know there were people that worked well until midnight. I got home and didn't want to do anything so we made some unhealthy frozen pizzas and vegged until I passed out well before 10pm.

Saturday we headed to Andrews parents place where I got to do one of the things I am most passionate about - graphic design/marketing material design. Andrew's mom sells day lilies and she has been wanting something to give to customers instead of just writing her name, number and address on a piece of paper, so we did some business cards and I am currently working on a brochure for her as well. I think the amazing pictures she has taken of the flowers over the years will really help them sell! We got home that night and went out with my brother and some of his friends, I cannot remember the last time I was out till 1am but it was fun!

Sunday was lazy day (well, for me at least) waiting around for my assignment for today at work. Andrew and my brother worked on his boat motor and I got things done around the house.

All in all, even if it wasn't the most thrilling weekend ever, I still savor my weekends!

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paige said...

Sometimes the weekends that aren't filled to the brim are the best ones. I've heard that. I wouldn't know, though. :)