Monday, May 24, 2010

Please do excuse me.....

I'm going to be a bad blogger probably till after Memorial Day weekend...and you might be asking yourself why, well here ya go!

  1. This is my last week at work - enough said, I've got tons to get done!
  2. We are having a cookout with family for memorial day/my birthday and I've gotta clean my house and get flowers planted!
  3. I've got stuff to do for my internship this week.
  4. Its finally warm out = me not wanting to be inside on the computer, although the wireless does work on the deck!
  5. I've finally motivated myself to start working out again!
  6. There are a few little things I need to get done before school starts that involve emailing back and forth with people, getting my books and cleaning the office. But I need to also remember that I have about 2 weeks to get that done before school starts!
And just for all of you, a small weekend recap! Friday Andrew dragged me to look at a SUV he found on Craigslist which we didn't purchase then we had a crummy dinner at Hooters (yeah yeah but they do have good wings, but this time they sucked), Saturday I had to get a new license and afterward we hit up some garage sales. Didn't get too much, I found an office chair and some dishes and then we headed to the grocery store and went out to dinner with my brother. Sunday Andrew mowed and I did some laundry and then took the boat to Alum Creek for some fishing. I got my first sunburn of the season and we only caught one fish.

Well I hope that you can all bare with me as things change this week and be sure to stay tuned for some stuff I'm working on!!!


Brittany said...

Sounds like you have some busy days coming up! Should make for a very quick week for you :)

Can't wait to read more about all the new and exciting stuff that's going on!

Have a happy, happy birthday!!!

Stephanie said...

sounds busy :) great job on the working out!