Friday, July 22, 2011

my furry child

Let it be known that I am obsessed with my dog - and to be technical she's not even really my dog. Andrew rescued her from an abusive situation years before I met him, but the first time I saw her I was totally attached. I remember when we broke up briefly I was so upset that I might not see Bessie again.

Poor old Bessie has been sick on and off since winter, probably about February. When there was still snow on the ground I noticed blood in her urine and knew something was wrong. We took her to the vet and since then she's been on three medications and special dog food for what they thought was a UTI. Well, over the weekend her bladder started to loose control and she was peeing everywhere. I was getting really worried about her and made her an appointment for Tuesday of this week.

They took an x-ray of her bladder and found three large stones as well as several small stones laying under them which would require surgery to remove. She had her operation on Thursday and she's doing well! She's on medicated dog food, has a lovely cone on her head and some pills to take for the next couple weeks. I feel so horrible that she had to go through all of this but I'm so glad that she's okay. To know Bessie is to love her, and she truly is the sweetest dog in the world. I never have to worry about her when friends and family stop by, she just wants them to love on her and throw her toy a few times. She makes the silliest noises and is incredibly smart. But that snout and sniffing nature can get her into some serious trouble because she loves to eat trash and steal food. I know its just part of her nature as a hound dog.

Andrew's parents really helped us out a lot and picked her up after surgery and kept her for the night. She's back home now and very happy indeed. She can manouver in her cone really well and has figured out eating/drinking with it on and never runs into ANYTHING. I'm ready for her to be back to her old hound self again soon!

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Unknown said...

I'm glad she's ok and hope she makes a full recovery!