Monday, September 26, 2011

A good weekend

This weekend was a pretty good one! We started out on Friday with dinner at Olive Garden which was delicious despite the annoying table next to us who had the most horrible laughs I'd ever heard. We met up with my brother and some of his friends at Classics Sports Bar afterward for a few drinks and headed home early.

Saturday I was up with the sun to go to an auction in Mt. Vernon (about an hour from my house) with Andrew's mom and sister. There were at least 30 other auctions going on Saturday but we seemed to think this one was the right pick and boy were we right! I only spent $32 and managed to get the following: a Kenmore sewing machine for $2, a very old bird bath for $10, assorted table cloths and linens for $1, an old-fashioned cake & pie carrier for $9, a pair of art deco candlesticks for $8 and a box of vintage Christmas decorations for $2! I messed with the sewing machine (it seems to work fine, just needs cleaned and a new needle) and managed to find a manual online for free. I also got a ton of free apples thanks to Andrew's brother who works at a college with an agriculture program. The apples apparently weren't big enough to sell this year so they let the employees take them!

Sunday we ran all of our errands and went to my parents for the "first annual" Sunday soup dinner. I suggested we not always have soup but maybe next time everyone brings a dish they like to eat while watching football. It was nice to spend time with my family and grandparents. My grandpa seems to be doing a lot better, his hair is even growing back! He's got a ton of bright white peach fuzz and it looks pretty cute.

Today I had lunch with my maid of honor and browsed the bridesmaids dresses at Davids Bridal (which reminded me why I hate that store so much). They didn't have a single dress that either of us liked because everything was strapless. I came home and got started on freezing my huge box of apples, I managed to do 8 quart bags and I'm still not done. I gave up for the night in favor of eating dinner and going to the gym. My working out is going well and I've been more energetic and really sticking with my routine!

On the agenda for this week: Working the next 4 days, meeting with our wedding photographer Wednesday night, continuing with my work out routine and celebrating all of the October birthdays with Andrew's family next weekend!

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