Friday, November 11, 2011

Crafting, knitting and sewing

The winter months are quickly approaching and with dark coming at 6pm I've been looking for ways to occupy my evenings so I don't want to go to bed super early. Last winter I spent a lot of time reading since Andrew was going to bed around 7pm so he could wake up at 3am and go into work to make sure his trucks started in the cold weather. I still plan on doing more reading but I wanted something else to occupy those cold evenings.

I bought a sewing machine at an auction but have yet to get a new needle or clean the machine up. I also need to clean my "office" so I have a place to put said sewing machine. I also have zero sewing supplies (thread, scissors, you know stuff that I might need in order to sew). A few weeks ago I went to dinner with some of my friends from college who've gotten into loom knitting so I bought a loom.

After a few frustrating first tries I made a hat and then made another (I think the yarn is a little too stiff but its still cute). The grey one is my first attempt and its okay, the teal is my second and the yarn is a little stiffer but I love the color and how the white flower turned out as well. I'm planning on getting more yarn tomorrow so I can start making a scarf and possibly a blanket. I was so excited that I figured it out all on my own and actually crafted something again. After working at Joann Fabrics for 4 years, I got pretty good at crafts but haven't had the time to do many recently.

Hopefully soon I can get my sewing machine up and running and make some pajama pants (something easy to start with) and move into some holiday decor or maybe some drapes for my living room and pillows for the bay window.

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Unknown said...

Yay for crafting! I love the hats! I love having something to occupy my hands, too.