Monday, November 14, 2011

another weekend here and gone

This weekend was pretty good considering I was off work on Friday and so was Andrew. We started off our long weekend with a Thursday night dinner out at Tumbleweed after meeting with our wedding photographer. I think she really understands my vision for the wedding and the photos and it doesn't hurt that she's so sweet and does an AMAZING job! We spent Friday running our errands and working on the house, got a take and bake pizza at Meijer and settled in for a night at home.

Saturday and Sunday were more of the same, but we did make time on Saturday to go to the Franklin Park Conservatory. We had planned to drive out to Battel Darby park, but it was super windy and since most of the good stuff at the Conservatory is indoors it worked out a lot better. I've been pretty bummed about how we can't afford to take a little trip and get out of here so being out of the house and doing something nice together was good and much needed. Sunday also turned into a good day because we finally got new living room furniture. Our couch is literally falling apart and is so uncomfortable that neither of us can stand to sit on it. We really did want to wait till we could afford something without financing it, but the deal was good and we couldn't pass it up. We should have the new stuff in a few weeks and I'll post some pictures then.

I've also decided to give it a rest on my job search for the time being. Nothing seems to be working out and all of the rejection is getting way too hard for me to handle. For now, I'm just going to have to suck it up and deal with being broke all the time, continue working hard and proving that I'm capable of a better job and keep working hard with my volunteer work to help build my resume. I don't need all this stress during the holidays, I want to be able to enjoy my time with family even if I'm going to be working like mad through all of the holidays. There are still days when I question my going back to school and if it was really worth leaving a job that I liked, I know that my degree is important, but so far it hasn't helped me find a job. Every month I fork out $500 to pay for it and it will take me almost 12 years to finally see that zero balance. Its hard every month watching how we can't get ahead and not feeling the need to blame myself for all the money problems we have.

I've got to learn to quit asking myself all of these what if question and just learn to live with the way things are.....and pray that they will get better because I know I deserve so much more. So here's to hoping that this is a good week!

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