Monday, November 26, 2012

4 day Thanksgiving weekend recap

Having four days off work was amazing, and add onto that, getting out of work early on Wednesday!  I was so happy!  So here's a recap of our whirlwind weekend:

Wednesday night: I FINALLY GOT MY HAIR CUT! I will have to post a pic soon when I don't feel like a blimp from over-eating and aunt flo.....but its a just above the shoulders bob and I colored it a rich brown, but its not too dark.  I think she cut off around 3-4 inches and I really only grew it out for the wedding and couldn't take the length any longer.

Thursday was Thanksgiving with my family, at my grandparents house.  This was our first big family event since my Grandpa passed away, I worried all day about how sad it would be but it was actually a lot of fun, though it was hard without him there.  We ate, talked, drank and laughed our heads off and went home with lots of left overs.  

Friday we did a little shopping when we dragged our butts out of the house around 8:30am.  Most of the stores we chose to go to were not that busy and some of the early bird deals were still going on.  We didn't get any gifts, mostly things for the house and ourselves, I did get all my wrapping paper/bows/ribbon thanks to an awesome sale at Joann ETC so at least that part is done.  We met my brother and his fiance for dinner that night and had them over to watch Elf, we were all passed out by 11 because we're old and lame.

Saturday was Thanksgiving with Andrew's family, they made it a Greek food theme which I was not at all thrilled about.  I don't really like Greek food and his family went vegetarian last year....needless to say the meal was not my favorite and I ate again when we go home.  We visited with his great aunt who wasn't feeling well enough to join us for dinner and headed home for another lame night sitting on the couch.

Sunday I cleaned my house, cooked a ton of food and had my parents over to watch the Steelers game.  They played like $*it and lost to the Browns, which was depressing and miserable.  But it was fun having my family over.  After everyone left we finished putting up our Christmas lights, here is a blurry instagram of the house and one of Mr. and Mrs. Claus on the porch.  

I was not at all ready to get back to the grind today, but I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished at home this week and I'm excited to spend time with my mom and a friend this weekend and get our tree on Sunday!!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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