Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

Interested in the exciting life of an old married lady on the weekend, well here goes!

  • After work, I met two of my good friends from college for Mexican food, drinks and shopping.  It was just what I needed, maybe not too good for my wallet, but how could I pass up a 40% off sale at The Limited that included clearance AND holiday undies from Pink?!  Not gonna happen!  I also needed a new coffee grinder since I broke mine last week.
  • Andrew was off to the junkyard for car parts and I went to a mass for the recently deceased with my mom at our church.  It was super sad, but I'm glad I went to honor my grandpaAfterward, I went to visit my Grandma and took her some Panera bagels as a little pick-me-up, went home to pick up Andrew and did our shopping for the week.  I do love when he goes with me, but I always end up spending more money.  He always finds random stuff to buy, this week it was a beard trimmer.  He's doing No Shave November for work.
  • By the time we got home, Andrew wasn't feeling well.  He has a tooth that's been bothering him which the dentist already drilled almost or maybe to the nerve.  He went to another dentist for a second opinion about the pain, but they just have to wait it out.  I was supposed to go to dinner with a friend that night, but opted to stay home just in case he got worse.  He woke up at 2am in terrible pain and I woke up not long after with a migraine (too much box wine maybe?!).  Thankfully the time change allowed us to sleep in a little.
  • The morning got off to a really slow start since we were up half the night.  I cooked breakfast and we layed around for a little while.  
  • We had a family party for Andrew's sister-in-law to go to at 4pm so I started cooking my enchiladas and rice to take and we were out the door by 3.
  • We went to bed at 9pm and man did it feel amazing!
On tap for next weekend: probably going to an estate sale or auction and maybe getting back into the habit of going to church!

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