Tuesday, November 6, 2012

you might have had a redneck wedding.....

If you took a picture with your bridesmaids holding guns and the groomsmen holding the flowers.

 If this is the second wedding where you have taken the above picture.  Also please note my brother doing the Captain Morgan leg for no reason!

 If you stood in front of a farm gate for a photo that looks something like American Gothic. (PS: this is one of my favorite pictures)
 If you had basset hound cake toppers that were vintage salt and pepper shakers

If your father in law drove you up to the reception on a hay wagon being pulled by a vintage tractor.

And he attached an old couch, bench and two wicker chairs for seating.

I got so many compliments from people about how laid back and fun our wedding was and I think it has to do with the fact that I married a hillbilly and I'm becoming one myself.  I was so excited about our tractor ride, wearing my boots to the reception, having pictures with guns, the whole nine yards. I wouldn't change a thing about what we did, well if I could have changed the weather I would but at least it was nice for the photos till the sky exploded about an hour after that last photo was taken.

Even my mother, who was against some of the choices I made for our wedding, in the end ended up loving every moment and detail. 

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