Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm going to stick with my fitness goals!

Last night while running/speed walking on the treadmill, as I'm staring at the blank drab wall in front of me, I realized I need to surround myself with things, words, phrases, anything to keep me inspired.  After I finished working out, I ran upstairs and pulled from the top of the closet, my "dream jeans."  The size 10 express jeans that I love and have not been able to wear since 2009.  I got a hanger and hung them from the rafters in front of my treadmill.

If that's not motivation, then I don't know what is, but I didn't want to stop there! I wrote down on two pages of white paper inspirational quotes that will keep me motivated during my workouts.  I may decide to add some pictures later on, but right now my printer is out of ink.  Thus the little kid craft project.

I wrote down all of the "0 points" foods that I love and taped the list on the pantry next to another list about CRAP and food (which I found on Pinterest).

The whole time I was doing this, Andrew was looking at me as if I was a crazy person but hey if it keeps me motivated who cares!

I want to fit in those jeans by this summer and I think if I stick with weight watchers, continue to incorporate more fruits/veggies into my diet and slowly start working out hardcore again, I CAN AND WILL DO IT!

I'm happy that nearly everyone at my work is participating in our Get Fit 2013 challenge and that we are all here to support one another.  We have all been packing our lunch and making better food choices each day, which is amazing and makes everyone want to keep up the good work.  Our next potluck is all focused on healthy foods too which I think is GREAT!

I'm not sure what light bulb has turned on in me to make me want this so bad but I am more determined than EVER!

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Unknown said...

That's so AWESOME! You can do it! I need to figure out a way to exercise that I enjoy and can do at home. Especially since a snowstorm we had yesterday kept me from going to the class I was supposed to! Lame. Anyway, that's so cool that you're doing all that! Stay motivated!!