Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend in review

For a winter weekend, this one was rather fun.  We had been planning to go to Amish Country for a few months with Andrew's family and this weekend we were finally able to make the trip!  It was 60 degrees in Ohio this weekend, which is unreal and although it was cloudy and sprinkled a little rain we had a nice drive through the country and spent the afternoon shopping, eating and having a nice time together.  Our first order of business was to find a bed frame (we've never had one) and we didn't want to buy something cheap from a furniture store, below is the one we've picked out.  We have to go back and order it in a few weeks and it will take 10 weeks to make.   I think we are getting the nightstand as well.  Its solid oak with a dark tan finish that nicely matches or hodge podge of antique furniture in our bedroom.

I was also able to restock all my dry good while we were there because its so cheap!  Spices, flour, oats, baking stuff is all pennies on the dollar compared to most grocery stores!  We go to Holmes County Ohio, about 1 hour and 30 minutes northeast of our house and visit Charm, Berlin, Millersburg, Walnut Creek and Farmerstown each time we go.  There is a great organic store in Berlin and the bulk food store is in Walnut Creek.
All the spices I scored, that big box of bay leaves was $0.88 and all that cinnamon (bottom left) was $2.00!
My restocked "dry goods cabinet" when we got home, love it!

I was also proud of myself for controlling my diet while we were there.  I opted for the soup and salad bar at lunch and split a piece of pie with Andrew.  Though when we got home that night, Andrew wanted pizza I only ate two pieces and had some fruit. 

Sunday was our typical cleaning, laundry and grocery store day.  We finally took down the outdoor Christmas lights and I made a big pot of healthy and yummy potato soup for dinner!

Sunday night kitty snuggles!

What did you do this weekend?

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Aleta said...

Oh wow, I didn't realize there was such a huge price difference on those types of items. How neat that you could save a bundle and get quality ingredients :)

Love that cat picture, had me smiling :)