Monday, February 18, 2013

weekly mantra - the power of three


I'm linking up with one of my favorite bloggers Rachel @ Itsahero for my weekly mantra.   Let me start by saying that this weekend sucked, big time, and bad things do happen in threes.  1) My brother got laid off just three weeks after closing on his house 2) My step-grandmother passed away on Saturday 3) Andrew and I hit a deer on Saturday morning and my car is pretty screwed up, thankfully we are okay and the car isn't totaled.  I'm still pretty shaken up though, considering we live in the country and it could happen again any time.  

This week is probably going to be insane, I am so busy at work, will have to take time off to go to a funeral, my car is wrecked and I feel like things are just going to spiral out of control at any moment.

I believe in believing in myself and trying not to be so negative all the time.  I've had a rough few weeks in many areas of my life.  I know I can be happier if I start eating healthy again and work out at least three nights a week.

I'm super excited to get my hair cut this weekend and spend some quality time with my mom.

I wish that I wasn't so emotional all the time, I've been a hot mess for days!

I'm happy to have a husband who puts up with my insanity and my emotional breakdowns.  

My weekly mantra: The moment before you are ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens.  Don't give up. 

A few pictures from over the weekend for you as well

Bluebirds at my mother-in-laws house over the weekend.

My poor Honda.....

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Mrs. Spaghetti said...

Bad things always seem to happen that way, don't they? Just hang in there and let yourself have those moments. You are lucky to have a hubby who can support you and be by your side no matter what. Remember that things will turn around and you will be stronger for what you have gone through. And so glad to hear neither of you were hurt in the accident!