Thursday, June 6, 2013

Coming in January 2014

I have about three posts in my drafts about living the childless life, what it would be like if we never had kids and all the while as I've been writing and re-writing these posts A BABY has been growing inside of me.

Yes, you read that right, I'M PREGNANT!!!!!  I still don't believe that this is really happening, but I should have known because right away I was having many atypical symptoms: exhaustion, loosing my breath when I would walk up the three flights of stairs at work, peeing all the time, horrible boob pain and the missed arrival of Aunt Flo.

I took my first of what seemed like 100 pregnancy tests on Thursday,  May 9th and it was a very faint positive, so faint you almost could not see the second line at all unless you stared at if for a good hour or so.  I kept staring at it and thought maybe I was nuts and tossed it after doing some hardcore research online about false positive blue dye pregnancy tests.  I stopped on my way home from work on Friday and bought a two pack of a pink dye test, which I've heard/read works better.  On Friday, May 10th I took yet another test and it was positive, very faint but positive.  I was in such disbelief that an hour later, I had to take another one and it was positive too.  I took the fourth test on Sunday, May 12th (Mother's Day) and it was an immediate positive.  I believe I bought more tests that weekend as well because Andrew still didn't believe and I couldn't either.

My first doctor appointment could not happen until June 5th (the wait was AGONIZING) and I was not sure what to expect, there was peeing in the cup, a blood draw, talking to the doctor, a pap test and getting a whole mess of stuff to take home and read about the pregnancy.

June 12th will be the first ultrasound and I'll be sure to post some pictures once I have them!

No, we weren't planning on this happening right now, we didn't know when we were really going to think about having a baby.  We've only been married for 8 months (which is fine) but we've been together for five years, we have a house, we're slowly paying off our debt and we're both working so I would say we're in good shape. I will be going back to work once the baby is born and right now my biggest worry/fear is figuring out child care.


  • How far along? 7 weeks and 3 days
  • How big is baby? According to my What to Expect App, the baby is as big as a raspberry or about 1/2 inch long!
  • Weight Gain: I've actually lost about 4 lbs and it's not from morning sickness I'm just not very hungry.
  • Cravings: Chipotle, Waffle House, Sparkling Water, Ice Cream and Steak
  • Food Aversions: Chicken, Coffee (it was so hard to give up at the beginning), Eggs, Brats/Hot Dogs and anything in the shape of a hot dog, anything that is really tart like cranberry juice
  • What do I miss: Wine (yes I tried the alcohol removed stuff and it's okay just not the same) and Bud Light Lime-a-ritas my favorite summer drink.  I also miss a big iced mocha from Starbucks though I know I can get it in decaf the thought of coffee makes me feel a little ill right now.
  • Symptoms: Exhaustion (I go to bed around 9pm every night even on weekends), tender boobies, a little cramping which the NP said is normal, mood swings (I cried the other night about cooking an egg for Andrew's BLT.....he did not understand why that made me so upset), swollen sinuses which is in face a pregnancy symptom, a little nausea but no throwing up, lower back pain and acne.
  • Does the family know?: But of course!  I told my mom and dad along with my grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, brother and his wife on Mother's Day and then we told Andrew's family the following weekend.  It's on Facebook now too so EVERYONE knows :)
  • Anything else? Well, I'm honestly hoping that the baby is a boy because Andrew's brother has girls and I just think a boy would be really fun.  I'm anxious to be done with the first trimester because I am sick of being tired all the time, my house looks like a disaster zone but I literally have no motivation to clean.  I feel lucky that I haven't been really sick thus far and I'm so excited for the ultrasound next week!


Stephanie said...

Oh my GOSH!! What exciting news! :) We will be pregnant buddies haha. How far are you and when are you due?

Stephanie said...

DUDE! I just re-read this and we are LITERALLY the exact same time along!! I AM 7 WEEKS 3 DAYS TODAY!! This is insane! LOL

Unknown said...

Yay! It's so exciting! You are going to be such an excellent mom!