Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week 27 Bumpdate

Here we are at week 27, the last week of the second trimester!  I am shocked that I am  6 months pregnant, it seems like time has gone so quickly and everything is happening really fast!  My first baby shower is November 2nd and I can hardly wait to spend time with my family in Pennsylvania!  My cousin texted me last night to see what kind of cake I wanted and let me know that the lady making my cake also made my mom's wedding cake, which of course had me in tears.  I've been overly obsessed with updating the registry lately because I'm afraid I didn't register for enough stuff. 
  • How far along? 27 weeks and 2 days 
  • How big is baby? According to my Baby Bump App, the baby is as big as a cauliflower (about 14.5 inches long) and weighing in at 2lbs!
  • Weight gain? 10 lbs or so, we will see if that changes at my next appointment.
  • Stretch Marks? I don't even want to talk about this.....I found three more this weekend.  I feel depressed. 
  • Maternity Clothes: All day, everyday.  I feel like this is a pointless question at this point in the pregnancy.  I'm debating on getting a maternity winter coat, although my long vintage coats (I only have about 10) still seem to be fitting okay for now.  I hope I can make it till the end of January with what I've got.  I've been debating on wearing Andrew's Carhart since it's big and roomy.  
  • Sleep: Oh how I miss my sleep.  I cannot get comfortable, my belly feels like it's full of air and becomes extra hard when I try to lay down.  I've considered starting to sleep in the recliner in the family room.  I'm honestly more comfortable there than in the bed (it's where I pass out most nights when we are watching TV).  
  • Cravings: Still on the dairy kick but what else is new there.  I've also been dying for cocktail meatballs, no idea why and I've been eating a lot of bread and bagels.  I've also been craving soup, which I'm assuming is because it is getting cold and I love soup in the fall. 
  • Food Aversions: None really, though I have not been in the mood for breakfast foods besides oatmeal or toaster waffles.   
  • What do I miss: Sleeping, I would love not to feel so tired anymore.  I also miss my normal body and not having people stare at me all the time. 
  • Movement: This baby is crazy active!  Last night my whole stomach was moving around and Andrew finally got to see what I was talking about, not sure if he was freaked out but he was able to feel her wiggling around some more too.  It seems like she stops when he puts his hand on my belly but last night she was far too busy for all that! 
  • Doctor Appointments: October 30th - Glucose Screening!
  • Labor Signs: No, thankfully, she can keep on cooking!   
  • Symptoms: They have been all over the place.  For the last two weeks I have not been feeling well, my stomach is always bothering me and I can't eat much without feeling full.  I don't sleep very well at night and when I lay down it's like I have restless leg syndrome and can't keep still.  I get lightheaded pretty frequently and I am so tired!  Maybe I jinxed myself by saying that this pregnancy thing is so easy because it was for me at the beginning but man the end is no joke and I can't imagine feeling like this for the next three months. 
  • Wedding Rings: Still on and not tight!!! 
  • Gender: Team Pink!
  • Anything else? I've been trying to picture what life will be like when our daughter arrives, what she will look like and how things will be.  I had a few dreams about her baptism and she already had teeth as a newborn (creepy) and was talking though she couldn't walk or even hold up her head.  I obviously don't take any of these bizarre dreams seriously because what baby is born with teeth and able to talk?!?  I'm anxious to see how Andrew will adjust to being a father since he's the baby and has never really been around kids.  Each night when I complain about being uncomfortable or not able to sleep he lovingly reminds me that we don't have much time to go. 
Yeah for warm sweaters, boo for cold fall days in Ohio.

Last week of the first trimester!


Stephanie said...

Looking good! I have gained WAY more than you, my dear. LOL. It's scary, but I'm not worrying about it anymore - can't do anything about it anyway! :)

Lindsay said...

You look great hunny! And don't even worry about the stretch marks! Just think of them as battle wounds! I hope your sleep gets a little better soon! xo

Erin said...

You look great!!!! yay for the last trimester!!!

Unknown said...

You do look super cute! Congrats on being in the last trimester! It's uncomfortable and long, but it does end. :) Don't worry, the stretch marks fade with time (until you get pregnant again, then they come back).