Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pregnancy Update

Sorry again for my absence recently, but here is an update on the pregnancy, instead of a bumpdate:
  • As of today, I am 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant.  Yes, I'm over it and ready to have this baby.
  • I am 1cm dilated and 80% effaced as of last Friday, my midwife said I could go into labor any day now.  I'm pretty sure I lost my mucus plug already but I haven't had any contractions other than Braxton Hicks.
  • I've gained 23lbs throughout the entire pregnancy which I'm pretty happy about.
  • The 3rd trimester insomnia started this week and it is something else.  I've been "sleeping" in our office/spare bedroom because the room is cold and the bed is hard which is more comfortable to me right now.  I am lucky to get about 4 hours a night and I know this is probably preparing me for the baby's arrival, but I still have to work this week.
  • Speaking of work, Friday will be my last day in the office till the end of March, unless I have the baby before that date. 
  • Monday the 20th is my official due date.  There has been little talk of induction (thank goodness) unless I go past the date, then it will be time for a non stress test and we will have the induction discussion at that time.  
  • The baby continues to be pretty active in there and can really push hard into various places in my body now.  I can tell she's running out of room and have a feeling she will have long legs like her mom.
  • My blood pressure has been consistent and low the entire pregnancy.  My last reading was 120/60 which is wonderful.  I'm thankful that I've had no complications.
  • I'm waddling like a penguin.
  • I swear my boobs have grown again.
  • The nursery is completely done, the hospital bag is packed, the diaper bag is loaded and ready to go and the carseats have been installed....now all we needs is a baby!
Typing at work is becoming a little difficult with this belly in the way.

On my way to my 38 week appointment!

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Lindsay said...

Yay! Glad to have an update! Glad for the most part you are doing good!! You are almost at the end! I hope the remainder of your pregnancy goes smoothly and you have a wonderful labor experience! Thinking of you! xo