Friday, May 30, 2014


Today is the official start of my last year in my 20's.  I believe I'm having a quarter life crisis.  I was thinking back on my birthdays in years past, wild nights at dance club or going to a bar for the first time and legally being able to drink.  It seems like those days were so long ago!



22 - Frisbee Golfing/Bad Outfits

23 - first birthday Andrew and I were together for; this is my
dearest and oldest friend Jessica.
Last year I had just found out I was pregnant and had a low key dinner with Andrew at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  Instead of a margarita (or three) I had fried ice cream.  This year I'm sure it will also be a low key celebration since Andrew will likely have to work late and Jeanette is getting baptized this weekend.

So here's to 29, I hope this last year in my twenties is AMAZING! 

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Carol said...

Happy Birthday Amanda! 29 was awesome for me and I know it will be for you too!