Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jeanette - 6 months old

Has half a year really gone by this quickly?!?!  I cannot believe that my sweet little girl is 6 months old!

Height: 28 inches

Weight:16lbs, 3oz so almost double her birth weight! 

Clothes/Diapers:  Jeanette is mostly wearing 6 month clothes now and 9 month pajama's because she's so long!  She's still in a size 2 diaper and I finally switched to Luv's since she no longer has explosions.  They are so much cheaper and I like the fit.  I wonder how they will do once she starts moving more, but I'm always willing to switch back to Pampers.  

Sleep:  Bedtime has moved up a little bit and Jeanette is in bed most nights between 9 and 9:30pm.  She still wakes up around 6:30 or 7 though once in a blue moon she will sleep till 7:30 (usually on the weekends).  She is still taking a good morning and afternoon nap, although she has had some napping issues recently.

Feedings:  Still getting a 5 ounce bottle about every four hours and eating cereal at lunch and around 7pm every day.  We also started trying veggies this week and so far have only tried butternut squash which she loved!!!!  I have been making my own baby food and freezing it.  The pediatrician told us to start with veggies so that she doesn't just like sweet stuff.  I think in a few weeks I will make some fruit baby food as well.  

Best Moment(s):  It seems like there were a lot this month - watching Jeanette play with her future husband Ryan, her sudden obsession and fascination with the cat and dog (she loves to laugh at them any time they do something), watching her explore the world around her is also really fun!  

Worst Moment(s):  Jeanette and Andrew both had colds over the weekend, thankfully Jeanette's wasn't too bad but Saturday she was a hot mess, lots of crying and snuggling.  I ran the humidifier in her room for a few nights and rubbed some Baby Vick's on her chest and she seemed to perk back up again by Monday.   

Development:  I was hopeful that she would be sitting up unassisted by now, but she's not quite there yet.  We practice in the evenings with the Boppy and she can pull up her head pretty well when laying on her back.  I imagine she will be able to sit up very soon.  She has also lost her tongue thrust so feedings are much easier now and she loves to sit in the Bumbo which works out great for feeding time.  I bought a high chair that works better for an older child (mostly because I wanted one that was wood and not plastic) so I think we will use the Bumbo for feedings for a while.   She has also been trying to drink from a sippy cup.  I bought one with a bottle nipple on it and she's starting to get the idea of how it works, we just put a little water in it and let her figure it out.  

Jeanette Loves:  Watching the cat and dog, rolling across the room, trying to drink out of cups, playing with her rattle and taggie blanket, screaming, splashing in the tub, sucking her thumb (I have gotten a little flack for letting her do this, but I think it's pretty cute and I don't really like pacifiers), holding up her arms when she wants you to pick her up and smiling! 

Jeanette Dislikes:  When you don't feed her fast enough, man she's a good eater! 

Anything else?:   This age is just so much fun, watching Jeanette explore her world and notice new things like the cat and dog is so amazing!  She's so sweet, loves to snuggle, sleeps through the night and is such a pleasant little girl.  Our sitters two daughters who are 6 and 2 are in love with her and probably want her to come every day of the week so they can play with her. 

Happy Half Birthday beautiful girl!!!!

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