Friday, February 20, 2015

FIVE on Friday

This week has been crazy, difficult and exhausting....

ONE: As you may have already read, we had our dog put down on Monday.  It was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  So far this week I've called out for her to come eat food off the floor, worried about getting home to let her out and cried when we got a sympathy card from our vet.  I've cried more times than that too.  Life is so different without her and a piece of my heart went with her when she left us.

TWO: I've actually been pretty good about working out over the last two weeks.  I've been doing a hybrid of TurboFire and PiYo which I think is going to help kick my butt into gear.  My diet is slowly getting better.  The first major step was giving up my morning Starbucks run.  I've also given up fried foods and fast food for lent.  

THREE: Winter is an ugly thing for many people this year, central Ohio has been no exception.  It's -9 right now and tomorrow we could get 3-7 inches of snow on top of the 3-5 that are already on the ground.  I have a playdate planned for tomorrow, but may have to cancel if the weather is bad.  Last weekend I missed my nieces birthday party on Saturday because of near white out conditions.....
View from my front porch Saturday at noon
FOUR: Andrew started his new job last Friday and things are going well.  He has gotten back into the groove of things and I think he will do very well with this job change.  I can already tell that his stress level has decreased and he just seems like a happier person.  It's amazing what getting rid of job stress can do for a person.  I'm so proud of him for making this change because I know it was not easy for him.  

FIVE: I'm super addicted to online shopping right now and have been scoring a lot of good deals.  I have also found that searching for online coupon codes can save me even more money, Retail Me Not is my favorite site for coupon codes.  I've been trying hard not to spend so much, but Jeanette doesn't have many 18 month clothes and I'm on the hunt for good deals!  So far I scored some adorable outfits from a Carters President's Day sale and snagged some Toms for her on Zulily.  I plan to take some of her birthday money to Once Upon a Child in the next couple of weeks to find her some used clothes.



Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate said...

Stopping by from the link up! So sorry to hear about your loss <3 I'm with ya on both the online shopping addiction and the love for promo code paradises like Retail Me Not!! Wishing ya a lovely upcoming weekend! (:

mypixieblog said...

My heart aches for your loss :( I am so incredibly sorry, and I understand that the pain kind of comes in and takes over when you least expect it. Allow yourself this time to mourn but remember all the beautiful memories you've had with your pup too over the years and know that you gave her the best life possible :)

Oooof. The weather. I'm SO ready for spring already. E-NOUGH!

Also yes, I've been kind of spending money like a drunken sailor. I'm always getting deals (and love retail me not); but then there are those 50% off all clearance items at Express (or whatever) and I get sucked in to spend enough to get the free shipping. Someone take away my credit cards.