Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Catching up on life

This have been crazy around our house, but I wanted to get everyone caught up.
  1. We have walking baby!!!!  As of last week, Jeanette is walking on her own.  She is still crawling some but she's walking a lot of the time and doesn't need to hold on.  She has also mastered climbing the stairs and chasing the cat.  He is not sure what to think about her walking.
  2. Andrew started his new job about three weeks ago and so far, things are going really well.  He likes all of the people that he's working with and being able to work four, 10 hour shifts has been working better for our family.
  3. To try and jump start my weight loss, I joined the new WeightWatchers online program through work.  I've been doing a hybrid workout for a few weeks which involves Turbo Fire and PiYo but I needed to get myself even more motivated.  After giving up fast food and fried foods for lent, I thought this would be a good idea.  Our work offers a deep discount on the monthly fee for WeightWatchers and holds free meetings on campus for employees.  I have had success in the past so I hope it's the same this time around.
    Love my new workout shirt.
  4. Like most people in Ohio, I am so sick of winter.  The weather has been so crazy from -20 windchills, to blinding snow, to big snowstorms that strand us at our house all weekend to rain and fog yesterday which turned to sleet this morning and will turn back to snow tonight.....MAKE IT STOP!
    This sunrise was pretty, but please snow, go away.
  5. Jeanette is now in a forward facing carseat which I really like and she loves being able to look out the window while we are driving.

  6. On Monday night, Jeanette developed a bad cough, which turned out to be croup.  She has been miserable and taking care of her has been exhausting.  I took her to the doctor yesterday morning and they started her on steriods.  So far today, she hasn't had a fever and I hope that she's feeling better soon.
Happy Wednesday everyone!  Hope that you are having a good week! 


Erin said...

Ugh, croup! Tate had it a couple months ago, got a steroid shot and it cleared it right up! Good luck!

Yay Miss J on walking!!! Such a big girl!

I have not turned Tate around yet -- I know I can but am not quite ready to give up that last 'baby' thing. I know he'd love being the other way around, and I'd love to see his cute face more while in the car. Soon I'm sure!

Erin said...

Oh, and WTG on starting up WW again! I just ordered 21 Day Fix from BeachBody, hoping it helps me kick start my weight loss. I gained back everything 'extra' I lost while nursing Tate. Totally stinks.